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2 Peter Maly 2, Peter Maly Parabole nightstand, dresser, and chest of drawers, Clara coat rack, Tangent lamp, Quadrature rug, Overlock bed set. Upholstered bed with removable cushions that can be positioned all around the bed, thanks to an aluminum corner piece. Two leg heights: 4 or 6 in. 3 20” 21.2” 16” 96” 67.7” 27.5” 52” 19” 49.2” 29.5” 19” 88” 70.8” 32”/34” 10.5”/13”

4 Todana is the brand’s new wardrobe system, also available as a closet. Special attention has been given to the quality of the components and finishes, as well as its modularity. Available in over 10 lacquer colors, grooved walnut, with glass doors, upholstered, or ready to paint, Todana will meet all interior decoration requirements. Todana, Design by Ligne Roset 5 23.2” 92.5”/102.5” 29.5” 30.7” 30” 12” 16” 16” 68” Soufflot swivel armchair, Nimbe mirror, Apuso side table. Adjustable in width thanks to the addition of niches and in height between 102 and 93 in, this system is equipped with numerous storage elements ranging from drawer units, shoe racks, and trouser racks, to storage for handbags.

6 48” 29” 20” 14” 18” 106” 90.5” Tanis, Pierre Paulin Sideboard in natural walnut finish. The top is made of black “fenix” laminate, with a soft touch and scratch-resistant surface, accompanied by matching black lacquered steel legs. Meanwhile, the 3 drawers and 2 doors are veneered in natural walnut. Sitar table lamp, CM202 stools, Sperl mirror, Gavrinis rug. 7 36” 35.5” 32” 29.5” 20” 19.5” Oyster CM 137, Pierre Paulin Large armchair and ottoman with curves that invite you to relax. The legs are made of matte black epoxy lacquered steel tubes.

8 Camma, Marie C Dorner CM145 Chair, 3080 pendant lights. Sculptural Carrara marble table composed of three legs placed at the center of the table, positioned in an offset manner. Seats 10/12 people. 9 94.5” 29” 51” 25” 29” 23” 87” 21”

10 Pukka rug, Dana nightstands, Doric lamp, Along basket, Overlock bed set. Hypna, Soda Designers – Nasrallah&Horner Minimalist bed with compact dimensions, offering a new function and usage, characterized by its folding screen (panel) headboard. 11 84” 63” 38” 118” 79” 14” 22”

12 65.5” 40.5” 32.5” 33.5” 17.5” 12” 7.5” 31.5” 16” Multy, Claude Brisson Multy offers up to 6 positions, from sofa to bed position, for optimal comfort with easy handling. Hat mirrors, Chute Libre side table, Pleeyeah! table lamp, Re Denim rug and cushion. 13 33.5” 12.5” 26.5” Ontario, Teddy Moissant The seat is made of a single-colored fabric. The tabletop is a turned piece made of stained solid ash wood in “Poirier” color. On the back of the seat, a leather strap serves as a handle and is integrated into the back of the seat using two fastened screws for easy movement. The use of solid wood and leather from leather scraps makes this product particularly poetic and virtuous.

14 Postmodern sideboard, Tadao bridges, Pamukkale mirrors, vase, Contact pendant lights. Sculptural table created from both noble and honest materials: wood and marble. The sculpted aspect of the table also comes from the work done on the wooden edge of the tabletop, as it is defined by a carefully crafted curve that continues into the edge of the marble. Hashira, Alain Gilles 15 43.5” 98.5” 29.5” 23” 24.5” 32.5”

16 Kashima, Michel Ducaroy Asola floor lamp, Lowlands coffee table, Stump side table, Pájaros birds, Ottone rug, Cilos throw blanket. A fully foam seat, Kashima conceals, beneath its neat appearance, a plush comfort in its rounded and curved design (armrests, lumbar support, integrated headrest).

19 64” 18” 34” Dita, Pagnon & Pelhaître Made from lacquered or walnut veneer wood panels, the Dita range is mounted on solid aluminum profiles with a sophisticated finish, featuring slender legs that naturally extend the structure.

20 Lauze coffee table and side table, Prisme vases, Donut lamps, Cilos throw blanket, Ciel Vague rug. Murtoli, designed for outdoor use, transitions indoors, confirming the permeability of spaces: In gets out (cf Ottoman), and Out gets in (cf Murtoli). Murtoli, Christian Werner 21 94.5” 32” 47” 79” 118” 33.5” 15” 33.5” 21.5” 17.5” 21.5”

22 63” 32” 33.5” 39.5” Sofa bed designed for permanent quality sleeping. Very simple handling and optimal comfort thanks to its Bultex mattress. The legs are finished in black-stained ash wood, as well as the optional shelves that pivot on their axis for use as bedside tables when in the bed position. Pillows/backrest cushions filled with polyester wadding. Motus, Vincent Tordjman 12” 16” 16” 19.5” All information in this brochure is subject to product changes or errors. Apuso & Rondone, Dozsa & Van Dalfsen The small model side table is made of travertine (single piece). The large model side table is made of solid American walnut, precisionmachined, with a natural varnish and satin finish. Discover our collection of small furniture pieces on ligne-roset.com. On the cover: Marechiaro, Philippe Nigro, and CM202 Pierre Paulin stool. Marechiaro coat rack in black ash with optional oval mirror, shelf, and coat hook.

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