Ligne Roset 2023 - US

5 Whatever their size, reputation, and specialties, together they watch over a treasure: that of French manufacturing heritage. The EPV label is a real support for «made in France». The Living Heritage Companies maintain their production activity in France, in sectors with high added value. Most of them are present on international markets and thus export emblematic French know-how. They are representative of the “made in France” spirit and forge the French economic and cultural identity. By calling on the know-how of a labeled company, customers and specifiers support the maintenance and development of these prestigious activities in France, to establish and consolidate long-term and non-relocated jobs. These companies can intervene on nonstandard sites, to respond to the most original orders, to offer original and tailor-made solutions to meet the most specialized needs and the most demanding customers. Perpetuating or reintroducing ancestral and original techniques, they also do not hesitate to innovate and invent new processes or products to meet current needs and standards. Another characteristic of EPVs is to train and encourage vocations to high-level professions. Labeled companies respond precisely to what employees are looking for today: meaning and values while defending the creation of quality and sustainable products, another criterion for EPV eligibility. Trustees of a heritage, many Living Heritage Companies offer the public to discover their history, their profession, their achievements, by organizing visits to workshops, by opening museums, spaces for the presentation of collections. These visits are a way to share their passion with the public, in the privacy of their workshops.