Ligne Roset 2023 - US

3 The head office has been located in Briord (Ain) since 1973. Since then, the site has evolved considerably but the Roset family has always wished to keep the company’s headquarters here, out of loyalty to their family history and to those who participated in the evolution of the company and the region. Our seats and other pieces of furniture are now produced in the 155,000m² of industrial space represented by our 5 factories located in Ain, Rhone and Isère. We are proud of the fact that our products are Made in France. In the factory, our production methods make it possible to reduce the quantities of raw materials used, optimising processes in order to increase yield and limit scraps and waste. We use our wood shavings and dust to fuel a wood-fired boiler which completely heats our 45,000m² St-Jean-le-Vieux production site. The fumes from this burner are filtered using French furniture manufacturer A family requirement: keeping the production in the heart of Bugey (Ain) an electro filter to be well below emission limit values. Everything is overseen by the DREAL (Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement or Regional Department for the Environment, Living and Housing). 2022 has seen us achieve recognition by becoming a member of “La French Fab”. The Roset Group supports French Industry and the “French touch” with the aim of accelerating its transformation and sustainable development. We collaborate with other players in the industry to ensure its prosperous future by making the professions that compose it attractive. The Roset Group is like those who have helped make its name for the past 160 years: “briolands”, inhabitants of the town of Briord, in Ain. The brand was born there and has settled there, just as we settle in our seats: comfortably and durably. " The remarkable site in which the Roset company has evolved since its inception reminds us daily of our duties of eco-citizens. We owe it our upmost respect. " Pierre Roset French manufacturer Factories and head office at Briord (Ain)