Ligne Roset 2023 - US

2 5th generation Antoine & Olivier Roset 2021 : The family brand became famous : with over 750 designers at its side, the brand shows important growth. A change of direction in response to new production challenges: more than 750 outlets and over 700 employees. 2022 : New challenges arise around the democratization and renewal of design, making stronger commitments toward preserving the environment, and going digital : important commitments for the years to come. 2nd generation Émile Roset 1920 : Trends change, women abandon the parasol. Emile Roset decides to convert his wood lathes to make chair bases. 1936 : Production of the first leather upholstered seats. 4th generation Michel & Pierre Roset 1975 : Founding of the CINNA brand. 1975 > 1982 : Creation of 5 foreign subsidiaries . 1986 : Enlargement of the home furnishings collection : Decorative items, lighting, rugs. 1990 : The company now has 750 employees. 1995 > 2006 : Expansion and construction work around Briord. 2009 : First Group carbon footprint report. 1st generation Antoine Roset 1860 : Founding of the umbrella canes factory. 1893 > 1913 : Antoine Roset’s widow takes over the management of the family business. 3rd generation Jean Roset 1950 : Creation of the first contract collections. 1965 : The Roset company switches its focus to contemporary design. 1970 : International expansion and the first designer collaborations. 1973 : Official founding of the Ligne Roset brand and opening of the first store. Establishment of the company headquarters in Briord (Ain). A family history since 1860 a family history